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Fascism: 2019 World Tour, Part 6 (Azov on Our Mind, Part 2)

FTR #1096

MP3: FTR #1096.

Lat-est Pro-grams Record-ed Are: FTR #1098 Fas-cism: 2019 World Tour, Part 8 (The Inter-mar-i-um Con-cept) and FTR #1099 Fas-cism: 2019 World Tour, Part 9 (Inter-mar-i-um Redux, “Will the Nation-al-ist Social-ist Rev-o-lu-tion Begin in Ukraine?) Audio only–the writ-ten descrip-tions will be avail-able present-ly.

Mr. Emory has how fin-ished and pub-lished AFA #39: “The World Will be Plunged into an Abyss . . . .”   Mr. Emory VERY much hopes lis-ten-ers and read-ers will close-ly exam-ine, record and dis-sem-i-nate this infor-ma-tion. It may well be what the Nazi future will look like, up to a point.

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Azov Bat-tal-ion spin off Nation-al Mili-tia, served as elec-tion mon-i-tors in Ukraine, enjoys police pow-ers in 31 Ukrain-ian cities.

In FTR #1073, we sum-ma-rized and fur-ther explored the oper-a-tions of the Azov Bat-tal-ion.

In this pro-gram, we note the oper-a-tions and posi-tion-ing of the Azov milieu both in Ukraine and glob-al-ly.

Azov is among the fas-cist ele-ments oppos-ing Ukrain-ian pres-i-dent Volodomyr Zelen-sky’s efforts at bro-ker-ing a piece with sep-a-ratists in the eth-ni-cal-ly Russ-ian East-ern provinces of Ukraine. Amidst angry street demon-stra-tions against the peace plan with the sep-a-ratists, Zelen-sky met with some of the fas-cist groups, who have threat-ened to over-throw Zelen-sky if he goes for-ward with the peace plan. The fas-cists enjoy the sup-port of for-mer pres-i-dent Petro Poroshenko.

Ukrain-ian Prime Min-is-ter Hon-charuk and Min-is-ter of Vet-er-ans Affairs Oksana Kolia-ga attend-ed an event orga-nized by ele-ments asso-ci-at-ed with C14 (the street mili-tia of Svo-bo-da) and Azov. Fea-tur-ing Sokyra Pekurna–a Nazi met-al band–the ral-ly rep-re-sent-ed a fur-ther main-stream-ing of the OUN/B suc-ces-sor orga-ni-za-tions in Ukraine. The OUN/B suc-ces-sor orga-ni-za-tions wield con-sid-er-able influ-ence with-in the Ukrain-ian vet-er-ans’ milieu.

Fur-ther -pli-cat-ing the issue is the fact that the Azov Bat-tal-ion has tak-en up posi-tions in the town of Zolo-toe, at the front of the ongo-ing war. They have said that they will not with-draw, a threat which, if borne out, will tor-pe-do the peace process.

Con-clud-ing the broad-cast, we “dol-ly [the cam-era] out” and begin an in-depth exam-i-na-tion of the Azov inter-na-tion-al milieu. Embrac-ing “lone wolf” fas-cists around the world, as well as net-work-ing with fas-cist orga-ni-za-tions and -bat-ants who have joined the war in Ukraine’s East-ern provinces, Azov is reca-pit-u-lat-ing the “Inter-mar-i-um” con-cept, mint-ed by Pol-ish head of state Josef Pil-sud-s-ki in the peri-od between the World Wars. Work-ing with Croa-t-ians aligned with the “Neo-Ustachi’ milieu we have cov-ered in many past pro-grams, Azov is seek-ing to devel-op a nascent East-ern and Cen-tral Euro-pean alliance of fas-cist and reac-tionary ele-ments.

Of par-tic-u-lar inter-est is the sig-nif-i-cance of the Ukrain-ian and Croa-t-ian fas-cist alliance, which will be explored at greater length in future pro-grams.

Oth-er pro-grams high-light-ing the return of the Ustachi to pow-er in the “new” Croa-t-ia include: FTR #‘s 49, 154, 766, 901.


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